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Visiting Washington DC : Introduction and page one of Visiting Washington DC introduces you to why Washington DC is a great city worth visiting, due to how easy it is to get around, and the affordability of its attractions.
Place to Visit in Washington dc : Page two of Visiting Washington DC will speak of the Smithsonian, which contains sixteen museums which are great places to visit in Washington dc.
Washington dc tourist attraction : Page three of Visiting Washington DC will give you basic about one of Washington dc's main tourist attractions, The Capitol.
Washington, D.C tourism : Page four of Visiting Washington DC will show you some of Washington DC's more special monuments and contains our closing statement on Visiting Washington DC.

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Are you interested in visiting Washington DC? A patriotic and inspiring symbol of American freedom, Washington DC is a great city to visit with plenty of historic landmarks worth visiting, and is one of the most affordable tourist destinations worth visiting across the United States.

Washington, D.C. - A Visitor's City

Washington D.C. has more inspiring and unusual attractions than you can imagine. But one of the best things about visiting Washington D.C is the major attractions are free. In a three or four days, you can see the Hope Diamond, tour the Capitol, and visit the baby panda at the National Zoo, all for free. Or you can look at dinosaur skeletons, see the original Star Spangled Banner, and go into the Washington Monument. Again - all for free.

Washington is a great city for visitors. It's easy to get to, served by two major airports, major highways, and trains. The subway system, the Metro, is clean and easy to use. Many of the popular attractions are clustered along the Mall, a long green park that runs through the center of Washington, so it's easy to walk around. There's plenty of good food in Washington's restaurants. Here are a few of the free attractions of Washington, D.C.

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