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Visiting Washington DC : Introduction and page one of Visiting Washington DC introduces you to why Washington DC is a great city worth visiting, due to how easy it is to get around, and the affordability of its attractions.
Place to Visit in Washington dc : Page two of Visiting Washington DC will speak of the Smithsonian, which contains sixteen museums which are great places to visit in Washington dc.
Washington dc tourist attraction : Page three of Visiting Washington DC will give you basic about one of Washington dc's main tourist attractions, The Capitol.
Washington, D.C tourism : Page four of Visiting Washington DC will show you some of Washington DC's more special monuments and contains our closing statement on Visiting Washington DC.

Place to visit in Washington dc Washington, D.C. A Visitor's City

The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian has sixteen different museums. Most of them are clustered around the Mall. Stop first at the Visitors' Center and get information to pick your favorites.

The Natural History Museum - Home to dinosaur skeletons, animal displays and a fabulous collection of jewels, including the Hope Diamond and a 21-carat ruby. Very popular with families.

The Museum of American History - An eclectic collection of objects from America's past. Just of a few things you can see are the original Star Spangled Banner, Julia Child's kitchen, dresses worn by First Ladies, and Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz.

The Air and Space Museum - When you walk in you see the first plane to break the sound barrier and space capsules, all hanging from the ceiling. Check out the moon rock, visit the planetarium, or follow the adventures of the Wright Brothers.
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