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Visiting Washington DC : Introduction and page one of Visiting Washington DC introduces you to why Washington DC is a great city worth visiting, due to how easy it is to get around, and the affordability of its attractions.
Place to Visit in Washington dc : Page two of Visiting Washington DC will speak of the Smithsonian, which contains sixteen museums which are great places to visit in Washington dc.
Washington dc tourist attraction : Page three of Visiting Washington DC will give you basic about one of Washington dc's main tourist attractions, The Capitol.
Washington, D.C tourism : Page four of Visiting Washington DC will show you some of Washington DC's more special monuments and contains our closing statement on Visiting Washington DC.

Washington d.c tourism – Washington, D.C. – A Visitor's City

The Monuments

Washington, D.C. has statues and monuments at every turn, but some are special.

Lincoln Memorial - With its massive statue of the grave, seated Lincoln, the Lincoln memorial is a moving experience. Enter the memorial, and read the inspiring quotes engraved on the walls. Many people leave here thoughtful about what it takes to lead a nation.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Also known as "The Wall", this monument of solemn grey stone set in an embankment lists the names of over 58,000 service people who died in Vietnam. It is located near the Lincoln Memorial. People walk along the wall quietly, some looking for the name of a friend or family member. The Wall is a powerful reminder of the cost of war.

The Washington Monument - The tall white column of the Washington Monument is a well-known sight. You can walk by the monument, or get tickets to go up the monument. The views from the top are great. To get the free tickets, you must line up early in the morning. You can also book them on line for a small fee.

No matter which of the many sights of Washington D.C you pick to explore, you'll have a good time in this great city for visitors.

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