Visiting Washington, D.C
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Visiting Washington DC : Introduction and page one of Visiting Washington DC introduces you to why Washington DC is a great city worth visiting, due to how easy it is to get around, and the affordability of its attractions.
Place to Visit in Washington dc : Page two of Visiting Washington DC will speak of the Smithsonian, which contains sixteen museums which are great places to visit in Washington dc.
Washington dc tourist attraction : Page three of Visiting Washington DC will give you basic about one of Washington dc's main tourist attractions, The Capitol.
Washington, D.C tourism : Page four of Visiting Washington DC will show you some of Washington DC's more special monuments and contains our closing statement on Visiting Washington DC.

Washington dc tourist attraction – Washington, D.C. – A Visitor's City

The Capitol

Take a one-hour guided tour of the Capitol building, which takes you through the magnificent marble corridors of power. Free tickets for that day's tours are distributed on the morning of the tour. You should line up before 9 AM, when they start handing out tickets.

A common misconception about the capitol building is that it is still closed for security measures. In fact, the capitol reopened to the public on December 8 th , 2001 and the last we checked, was still open to the public. The capitol is one of America's most architecturally impressive and symbolically important buildings and is definitely worth getting up early to line up for tickets at the Capitol Guide Service kiosk located along the curving sidewalk southwest of the Capitol.
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